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How to Write a Descriptive Essay - A Sample Essay Plan

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How to Write a Descriptive EssayDescriptive essays are written using a lot of imagination and it involves creativity in writing. Writing a descriptive essay sure means a lot of work but not something boring nevertheless. If you are good at imagining an object and imagining its detail whether something real or fictional, you are good to go. But if you are not good with such things and if you are bad with creativity then you need to work really hard to write a descriptive essay. Here is how to write a descriptive essay step by step:

Find Topic:

Descriptive essays as they involve details and description of something or somewhere you once went need a topic that suits the essay type. Writing a descriptive essay will not be a piece of cake and you will figure that out in the very start while looking for a suitable topic. While choosing the topic, there are few things you must be aware of, the structure of the essay must suit the essay type and the topic you choose. You will have to visualize anything that is your topic; you can’t write an essay about your aim in future kind of things because you can’t construct an essay or visualize your aim as a character or a thing.

Create a Grammatically Correct Statement:

The introductory paragraph, a very small dedicated introduction of your essay is what the statement is about. This statement needs no description; this is where the reader picks up an interest in your essay. If the reader shows interest in your essay by reading the statement, they will read it all. So it holds a lot of importance. Be sure to keep it under the correct grammatical form.

Realistic Detailing:

Now, it is the main step that sets a descriptive essay apart from the rest of the essay types. Grab a paper and a pen and start visualizing what it is that you are writing about. Make a picture of it in your mind and start describing it. How does it smell? How does it taste? How does it feel? Let your senses speak and then write them all down. Describe a few features and the environment if it is something big, like perhaps a house. In a descriptive essay, you can add as many details as you want to. You can take as much as a whole paragraph to describe anything, that’s the fun part of writing a descriptive essay.

Make an Outline:

Now you have the main work done for the essay. The rest of the work is something you have done before. Make an outline in a sequence of events that will be occurring in the essay. There must be something happening in the essay. Start writing the outline until you reach the end of events. In case if you don’t know how to make an outline, then buy essay online from a reliable company.

Create the First Draft:

Now roughly put together the first draft of your essay. Write in all the details and start explaining the outline line by line. Add in the description where in belongs in the essay. Describe the place or the object when the time comes. Keep the track of the introduction of your descriptive essay, main body and the conclusion. You must remember that the very end of the main body or the last paragraph of the main body takes the essay towards the conclusion.

Conclude Your Essay:

Wrap it up; briefly state the happenings of the whole essay in three to four lines. Pick up little details that were the main events of the essay and write them down in a very organized manner. Make sure that you don’t leave anything out. Once it is all covered, give your final verdict or statement and end the essay. Make sure that you don’t initiate a new topic in the conclusion and talk about something that wasn’t there in the whole essay.

Proofread and Edit:

Proofread your essay bit by bit, look for logical and grammatical mistakes and correct them. Read the essay all over again and then rewrite it, working on a final draft of your descriptive essay. Now that your essay is ready, you can submit it. Writing descriptive essays seem tough when you do them first time but with a lot of practice and exercise, you can nail them. Just the right amount of imagination, good writing skills, correct grammar and creativity can end up in great descriptive essays effortlessly. So write your essay following the steps as written above and amaze the readers.


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